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About the Coffee Vault

A set of young and experienced minds came together with the idea to bring a change in the traditional coffee world. This startup brings a revolution in the Beverage Industry with its various unique flavours and seasonal beverage range.

The Coffee Vault came into existence with a wide variety of beverages which are quite different from traditional flavours available in the market.

What makes The Coffee Vault different from others in the business:

* Latest IOT based technology.
* State of the Art Vending Machine with never seen Automatic Cup Dispenser.
* Humanless Operations to excite the end users.

With edging advanced technology, The Coffee Vault aims to be the Market Leader & a Revolutionary Player in the near future.

Why The Coffee Vault?

Its not merely an Automatic Beverage Vending Machine, instead its an experience. Continuous innovation has been the hallmark of our ‘Customer Focussed’ and ‘Ethically Driven Operations’.

We remain committed to augmenting our product range that supports a better lifestyle of our customers.Z


The Coffee Vault’s COSMOS, an IOT based vending machine. Smart and Sleek body. Check out the specifications.

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The unique vending machine is IOT based and can be operated sitting anywhere globally.


Beverage Selection : More than 10 hot and cold beverages

22“ LCD screen for advertising : It can display both image and video

Operating System : Android system with remote control

App Backend Adjustment : Drink recipe, Prices, Water temperature, Ads and track sales data etc

Infrared sensor : detect cups automatically

Electromagnetic Door : Automatically open when door is ready

Instantly Dissolving Function : 10700 rpm stirring motor, mix powder and water perfectly to make tasty drink

Cleaning Function : Clean pipe and mixing chamber automatically

Diagnostic Function : Detects fault and shows error code for water or cups shortage

Sales Calculation

Advertising Lightbox

Multi Flavours




Cold Coffee

Masala Chai

apple tea

Iced tea

Kesar Mango Mastani

badam kesar shake

tomato Soup

Hot Beverages

Payment Options

Digital Payment Wallet & FOC basis for Corporates Institutions.